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Women In Asia is a community based in Singapore

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2018 theme showcases women leading purpose driven projects, passionate about driving change in their communities. We featured social entrepreneurs, activists, catalysts, thought leaders, with ingenuity to drive real, meaningful change.


The first installment was in March, 2018, as part of our celebration of International Women's Day.

In November 2018, we presented a re-run of this series in collaboration with TEDxSingaporeWomen and the National Library Board. 

On exhibit at library@esplanade in the month of November. Featuring photo stories from Mary Gomez Camba, and Vivian Lim

About this photo exhibition project

This is an annual themed exhibition launched in celebration of International Women’s Day in 2017. It features women, empowering in their own ways. This photo story aims to capture the hidden stories, essence, and diversity of women in Asia.


Each series is themed, and features a guest storyteller, as he/she narrates the theme in her own interpretation. As a result, each photo series tells a different story, a different theme and unique perspective.

We hope that through visual storytelling, it can empower more women to embrace their own inner strengths, step out, and tell their own stories too.

Stories of women, in all​ its strength and frailty


The mission of Portraits of Women, is to uncover raw and authentic stories of women around Asia.

We hope viewers can see these portraits as reflections of themselves, and resonate with the stories in their own ways. We hope that they can too find a space for their voice, and find strength from within themselves.



This photo series features guest storyteller Mary Gomez Camba, as she presented a series of portraits of women- from all walks of Asia.

In this series, she explores how seemingly ordinary women around her, have larger than life stories, waiting to be discovered. She inspires us to re-look at our communites around us, and uncover gems in our midst.


Covering stories from Mekong river, to housing estates in Singapore, she gets the audience to rethink women inspirations and superheroines around us.